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Chairperson Janet F.
Alternate Chair Randall N.
Delegate Marge M.
Alternate Delegate Ron S.
Secretary Natalie A.
Alternate Secretary Beth E.
Treasurer Randy B.
Alternate Treasurer Sonnet H.
Archives Rose M.
Archivist Cathi C.
AV chair Bob K.
Intergroup Liaison Dawn W.
Cooperation with the Professional Community Jackson B.
Corrections None
Finance Lisa J.
Grapevine Todd N.
Group Services (Area Registrar) Todd K.
Literature Charles P.
Newsletter Therese A.
Public Information None
Accessibility Pam C.
State Convention Chair-2018 Jay G.
Treatment Facilities Chair Dennis M.
Web Oversight None


District 2 Aaron W. 
District 4 Danny P.
District 6 Rita M.
District 8 Jack B. No e-mail address
District 10 Ellery L.
District 12 Mike L.
District 14 Jeremy F.
District 16 Dennis N.
District 18A Jessica D. No email address
District 18B Marcy B.
District 18C Marcy B.
District 20 David W.
District 22 Pat M.
District 24 Paul L.
District 26 Todd N.
District 28 Bob K.
District 30 Chuck H.
District 34 A/B Stacey C.
District 36 A/B Charles P.
District 38 Bob F.
District 40A Jay O.
District 40B Robin B.
Distrito Hispano 42 Enrique S.

Past Delegates

Panel 40 Dorothy M.
Panel 44 Jim W.
Panel 44 Dorothy W.
Panel 46 Mike S.
Panel 48 Sue F.
Panel 50 Carolyn C.
Panel 58 Michalene R.
Panel 60 Virginia R.
Panel 62 Gary B.
Panel 64 Cathi C.
Panel 66 Charlotte C.

Area 22

Area 22 Delegate