Mail-in Contributions

Mail to:
Area 23 Treasurer
PO Box 546
Indianapolis, IN 46206

Digital Contributions

Area 23 now accepts digital contributions through PayPal. We feel it wise to tell you there are charges through PayPal. So far they appear to be taking 3% + .30 per transaction. Thus, anticipate that if you donate $50 to Area 23 we will actually receive approximately $48. Too, you do not have to join PayPal – just choose the white button that says Credit or Debit (not the blue button).

Secondly, once you have put in your credit/debit card information there is an option to leave a note. Please do this for us; Tell us if this is a personal donation or a Group contribution. And if it is a Group contribution, please include your Group Service number.

Thank you for your service and your contributions.